Notes on using Chirpstack

Notes on using Chirpstack

Recommended General Chirpstack Configuration: (LoRaWAN Compliant):

--  Make sure to use ChirpStack version >= 3.12.1
--  Set the max data rate to 3 in the Service Profile
--  Set enabled_uplink_channels=[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 64]
--  Check the "Disable frame-counter validation" option under the Configuration tab of the device (see below)
-- Use the "Legacy JSON" payload marshaller when creating your application

Uplinks in the gateway log are missing from the Chirpstack device log:

The reason for this is because you have "frame counter validation" turned on, which means it will ignore any repeat messages. 
The problem with this validation is that if you are running confirmed mode, the sensor will repeat the same message up to 8 times to try and get an ack, but these retries will be ignored.
Check the box to disable frame counter validation (see attached image), every message comes through cleanly.

If you are seeing consistent gateway traffic, but missing messages at the server, make sure the MQTT topics are unique between different applications.