How do I decode a Tilt event?

How do I decode a Tilt event?

The Tilt Sensor will generate events when the orientation of the device transitions its vertical-horizontal axis as determined by configurable threshold angles (state transition) or when the vertical-horizontal orientation changes by a configurable amount (report on change).

Tilt Event Message: 0x0A
Byte         Description
0                 Tilt Event Payload
1                 Tilt Angle from Vertical Axis

Tilt Event Payload Definitions
Event Payload Description
0x00         Sensor transitioned to Vertical (across vertical threshold)
0x01         Sensor transitioned to Horizontal (across horizontal threshold)
0x02         Report on change toward Vertical (change exceeds vertical amount)
0x03         Report on change toward horizontal (change exceeds horizontal amount)

Example of Tilt Event Message:

1 0 0A 01 53

1                         Protocol Version (currently always 0x1)
0                         Packet Counter (increments by 1 each message and wraps from 0xF to 0x0)
0A                         Message Type Code (Tilt Event = 0x0A)
01                         Event (Sensor has transitioned to horizontal = 0x01)
53                         Current Tilt Angle from vertical axis (83 degrees = 0x53)

The RadioBridge Console will generate the following output for this message:

Sensor transitioned to horizontal
Tilt angle from vertical axis: 83 degrees
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