How do I decode a sensor's Reset Message?

How do I decode a sensor's Reset Message?

The Reset Message is sent to the Cloud every time that the Sensor is Reset.

Reset Message: 0x00
      Device has Reset. The cause of reset is represented in the 5-byte reset code payload.
      Bytes           Description
      0                  Sensor type code
      1              Hardware version
      2-3           Firmware version
      4-5           Reset code * (used for factory diagnostics)

      * The Reset Code has to do with the nature of the reset and is used by the factory for diagnostic purposes.

Sensor Type Codes:
      Door/Window                 0x01
      Door/Window High Security         0x02
      Contact                 0x03
      Temperature No-Probe         0x04
      Temperature External Probe         0x05
      Single Push Button                 0x06
      Dual Push Button                 0x07
      Acceleration-Based Movement 0x08
      Tilt                         0x09
      Water                 0x0A
      Tank Level Float                 0x0B
      Glass Break                 0x0C
      Ambient Light                 0x0D
      Air Temperature and Humidity 0x0E

Example of Reset Message for a Contact Sensor:

      1 0 00 03 11 0101 181C
      1               Protocol Version (currently always 0x1)
      0       Packet Counter (increments by 1 each message and wraps from 0xF to 0x0)
      00       Message Type Code (Reset Message = 0x00)
      03       Sensor Type Code (Contact Sensor = 0x03)
      11       Hardware Version (1.1 = 0x11)
      0101        Firmware Version (1.1 = 0x0101)
      181C        Reset Code (Brown-out Reset = 0x181C)

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