How do I decode a sensor's Supervisory Message?

How do I decode a sensor's Supervisory Message?

The wireless sensors will send a periodic supervisory message so that a backend system can verify that the device is still alive and to report error conditions. 
The supervisory message also contains a payload that contains the status (current) of the sensor.

Supervisory Message: 0x01
      Bytes Description
      0         Supervisory error codes
      1                 Current Sensor State (different for each sensor type)
      2         Battery level

       The current sensor state (byte 1 of the supervisory message) is defined by the individual data sheets. 
       Byte 2 is used if there is a second sensor state to report.
       The battery level (byte 3 of the supervisory message) is a two-digit battery voltage.
       It is designed to be human-readable. For example, if the battery voltage is 2.9V, byte 3 would be 0x29.

Supervisory Error Codes: Bit Definitions
      Bits                   Description
      7:5                Not used
      4                Tamper detected since last reset
      3                Current tamper state
      2                Error with last downlink
      1                        Battery Low (under 2.75V)
      0                Radio Comm Error. Communication with the integrated radio has failed and device has been reset.

Example of Supervisory Message for a Contact Sensor:

1 0 01 08 01 30

1 Protocol Version (currently always 0x1)
        0      Packet Counter (increments by 1 each message and wraps from 0xF to 0x0)
        01 Message Type Code (Supervisory Message = 0x01)
08 Error Codes (Current Tamper State = True / Untampered)
01 Current Sensor State (Contacts Open = 0x01)
30 Current Battery Level (3.0V = 0x30)

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