Why did my sensor come with a magnet?

Why did my sensor come with a magnet?

Nearly all RadioBridge Sensors come packaged with a mountable magnet.

For Door/Window Sensors the magnet and sensor can be mounted to the door (or window sash, enclosure lid, etc.)  and frame.  When the door is opened and the sensor and magnet become separated a "door open" event is generated.  When the door is closed and the sensor and magnet come together a "door closed" event is sent.  The magnet should align with the triangle-shaped impression on the sensor's case for correct installation.

Sensors such as motion, tilt, temperature and contact sensors also include a magnet, however it is supplied only for testing purposes.  When the magnet is touched to the triangle-shaped impression on the side of the case, these sensors will generate a "test message" event which is useful for diagnostic and setup purposes.  Sensors that are not Door/Window Sensors do not need to have the magnet installed for normal use of the sensor.

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