How can I add existing Sigfox Account to the RadioBridge Console?

            The Radiobridge Console's SigFox Integration is for connecting to your existing Sigfox account, rather than purchasing Sigfox registration through RadioBridge directly.

            Follow these steps to correctly integrate your Sigfox Account for use with the RadioBridge Console.

            1) Login into the Sigfox Backend and click the GROUP tab, select a Group, then click API ACCESS on the left-side tabs.

            2) Here you will see a Login and Password field that will need to be copied and pasted to the RadioBridge Console Sigfox Integration.

            3) Login into RadioBridge Console and select INTEGRATIONS from the left-side tabs, then select SIGFOX from the tabs above.

            4) Paste the Login and Password from the Sigfox Backend above into the fields marked Sigfox Username and Sigfox Password.

            5) Now click the "Refresh" icon (circular arrows) to populate the list of Device Types from your Sigfox Backend account.  Select a Device Type from the list and click Update.

            6) The Device Type must now be configured to receive API events.  In the Sigfox Backend, click the DEVICE TYPE tab and select the same "Device Type" that you selected in Step 5 above.
                Click the Name of the Device Type to Edit the Device Type.

            7) Click CALLBACKS from the left-side tabs, then click NEW in the upper right corner.

            8) Select CUSTOM CALLBACK from the list of Callback Types.

            9) The following screenshots show the information from the RadioBridge Console that must be copied and pasted into the Sigfox Backend API Callback.

               Make sure the TYPE field is set to BIDIR.
               Copy and Paste URL PATTERN from the Radiobridge Console.
               Make sure the HTTP METHOD is set to GET.

               Edit the first Header and change the name from "header" to "authorization".  Must be all lowercase.
               Copy and Paste the AUTHORIZATION key (long string of characters) from the RadioBridge Console to where the first header says "value".

               Edit the second Header and change the name from "header" to "radiobridgeconsole".  Must be all lowercase.
               Copy and Paste the CUSTOM HEADER VALUE (usually your email or console username) from the RadioBridge Console to where the second header says "value". 

            10) Click OK to save the changes to the Callback.

            11)  Make sure the ENABLE box is checked.

            You are now ready to add devices to the Radiobridge Console that are already in use under your existing SigFox account.


            If you encounter the error: "Your account is not allowed to create the device, please allow more priviledges"

            Ensure you have permissions enabled on the API ACCESS page for the desired GROUP.

            Updated: 06 Jun 2019 06:20 AM
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