How can I add existing Sigfox Account to the RadioBridge Console?

            Here is the instruction to follow to add the own sigfox account.

            1) Login into sigfox backend and navigate to the Group -> Select a Group -> Click "API Access" from the left side links
            2) You will see username and password, These 2 will need to be used in the RadioBridge Console

            3) Login into RadioBridge console -> Integrations -> Sigfox -> Enter the username and password from the sigfox backend.
            4) Click the "Refresh" icon to see the Device Type list, once list is refreshed select a Device Type. Click Update.

            First step is done, now User can add device in their account.

            Second step is to configure the uplink API to receive events.
            1) Go back to sigfox backend -> Click Device Type from top header -> Choose the same "Device Type" that you selected in RB Console "step 4", Edit the Device Type

            2) Click Callback API and click "New" button in top right corner.

            Enter the details in the form as provided in the RB console -> Integrations -> Sigfox

            NOTE: Make sure the downlink is enabled in the API access page like it's shown here(

            Also the authorisation header should be entered correctly.

            Updated: 5 days ago
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