How do I decode a sensor's Tamper Event message?

            The sensor will send a message when the tamper switch has been either opened or closed through either an enclosure tamper or a wall mount tamper.

            Tamper Event Message: 0x02
                  Bytes            Description
                  0                   Tamper Switch State (Open = 0x00, Closed 0x01)

            Tamper Event Message Example:

                  1 0 02 00

                  1                     Protocol Version (currently always 0x1)
                  0              Packet Counter (increments by 1 each message and wraps from 0xF to 0x0)
                  02              Message Type Code (Tamper Event = 0x02)
                  00              Tamper Switch State (Opened = 0x00)

                  Not all sensors support the tamper feature. See the individual datasheets for more information.

            Updated: 28 Jan 2019 01:16 AM
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