How do I set Periodic Reporting to be in hours or minutes?

            Hour/Minute Periodic Reporting is only implemented in firmware 1.3 or greater. Previous versions allow intervals in hours only.

            Periodic Reporting is a feature available on Temperature Probe/Probeless Sensors as well as Air Temperature and Humidity Sensors.
            The Sensor will generate a status event at regular intervals when Periodic Reporting is enabled.  
            The report interval can be expressed in either hours or minutes, but not a combination of both.  For example, an interval of 1 hours and 30 minutes must be expressed as 90 minutes. The maximum time interval between periodic reports is 127 hours.

            The time interval for Periodic Reporting can be set from the RadioBridge Console and can be set to a different amount for each sensor.
            This value can also be set by using Byte 1 of the downlink message which uses the following Bit Definitions:

            Periodic Reporting Configuration: 
                  Bit 7            Bits 6:0
                  0                  Period defined in hours (1-127 hours)
                  1           Period defined in minutes (1-127 minutes)
                  Note that prior to firmware version 1.3, only hourly reporting is available. 
                  The firmware version can be found in the reset message and is logged on the Radio Bridge console.


                  0x00 or 0x80      Disable Periodic Reporting (interval set to 0 hours or 0 minutes respectively)
                  0x01                     Report Status in 1 Hour Intervals
                  0x81                     Report Status in 1 Minute Intervals
                  0x08                    Report Status in 8 Hour Intervals
                  0x18                     Report Status in 24 Hour Intervals
                  0x9E                    Report Status in 30 Minute Intervals
                  0xDA                   Report Status in 90 Minute Intervals
                  0x7F                    Report Status in 127 Hour Intervals
                  0xFF                    Report Status in 127 Minute Intervals
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