When I try to read the BroadcastID Only setting (ATBO) or set it (ATBO0 or ATBO1) I get a reply that the command isn’t recognized (ERR 000A).

            The ATBO command will be removed on the next firmware release. During the Discover Endpoint sequence on the coordinator, any packet from the radio will be used to add the associated endpoint to the list of connected devices. In other words, if the coordinator uses the DE command to listen for the next endpoint, the endpoint being connected may use the Broadcast ID (BI) command, a Send Packet (SP) command, or any other command that can be received by the coordinator.
            Systems with high security requirements or noisy environments may prefer to use the Add Endpoint (AE) command to manually add endpoint IDs
            Updated: 18 Sep 2018 09:59 AM
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