How does the LoRaWAN join process work?

            RadioBridge LoRaWAN sensors initialize with a join process that scans though each sub-band until a join request is successful. 

            The joined sub-band is then remembered by the sensor and will be the first sub-band attempted if the sensor needs to rejoin.  In the event a rejoin on that sub-band fails, the sensor will again begin to cycle through sub-bands until it is able to successfully join. 

            If there has been no successful join request attempt after (10) scans though all sub-bands then the sensor will wait for one hour, or until there is a sensor event, before automatically retrying the join process.  Any sensor event, including supervisory, periodic report, tamper, motion, temperature change, button press etc., will initiate the join process if the sensor is not already joined. 

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            Updated: 08 Mar 2019 02:44 AM
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